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"Dinosaur"- Signe Vange | Review

On March 8, 2024, Signe Vange released her latest single “Dinosaur”.

The track starts with very light and feathery vocals, with the swift introduction of a drum set, refreshing to hear actual percussive instruments on a track. The use of synth helps carry the track, flowing in and out, providing a bit of fullness to the sound. Vange’s vocals have the ability to make you feel like you have been caught in a daydream, the kind that could be singing in a complete gibberish and still be just as captivating. While the single itself is quite mellow and not that contrasting, you can feel the emotion pour through without feeling like there needs to be more. The best songs have the ability to be great and captivating songs without needing a full choir or band ensemble, sometimes all you need is a great melody and voice. The lyrics also carry heavy weight and meaning with “For nothing can last for evermore/ Not you, you Dinosaur/ Take a bow and leave before/It´s over” which personally I found a very moving and meaningful analogy for how time is fleeting and that we should just try to live in the now. The track itself is one that provides comfort and a sense of calm.

The singer-songwriter, Signe Vange hails from the country Denmark, and worked specifically on this project and 5 track EP also titled ‘Dinosaur’ alongside other prominent Danish artists such as producer Morten Bue and Lise Westzynthius. ‘Dinosaur’ is the second project to be released by Vange this year. I hope to see more of Vange’s upcoming creations and how she continues to be a master storyteller through song.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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