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“Dimes” - Lance Free | Review

Fusing together alt-pop and indie R&B, Lance Free’s new single “Dimes” is a chill tune perfect for the dog days of summer.

The mellow groove of this song paints a relaxing picture of hanging-loose by the pool on the hottest day of the year. The sun glistens off the water’s surface, and you’re protected by your shades on a chaise lounge. The only sounds heard for miles are the birds singing from above, and this song blasting from your speakers.

The simplicity of the song is what truly sells it. The rhythmic, steady beat stays consistent throughout its three-minute and sixteen-second duration, and it gets into a compelling groove that the rest of the track heavily relies on. Coupled with the resonate electric guitar lead, it’s a dynamic duo that devises a summery, mellow mood that’s ideal for IPA sipping by the pool. What makes this song an earworm to me is the layered vocal harmonies.

Lance Free creates everything you hear from his bedroom. It started with the Ontario artist producing beats in middle and high school, serving as an escape from the feeling of being an outcast. His love for music shut him out from the rest of the world -- while they all pursued popularity, he wanted to indulge his creative desires. Taking inspiration from artists like J Dilla, Madlib, and Flying Lotus, Lance Free is set to release his debut EP later this month.

Written by Jessica Ward

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