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“Did I Love You” - The Two Body Problem | Review

I can’t help the way I felt but I am older now…

Sometimes hindsight and time can make us look back at things differently. Personally, love songs, at least really good ones, always make me think about love and how I see it in my life and relationships. “Did I Love You” by The Two Body Problem is an excellent love song for this reason. Did I love you or did I just want to or did I want to just feel like I could love you because I cared? It's one of those emotions that I almost don't even consider an emotion and more a state of being - in love.

Their melancholy vocals and softly building instrumentation are a harmonious blend of warmth and care. It’s not a bitter song of heartbreak but an aching realization that the care you have for someone may be defined differently in hindsight.

Our memories like to play tricks on us, especially when it comes to people we love. Looking back it’s hard to tell what you really felt. Did I Love You is the first single from The Two Body Problem, and in many ways reflects the core of what the band is about - exploring the tension and difficulties that come from tying your life and heart to another person, a human compulsion that is at once natural and impossible. Their effortless harmonies and instrumentation paint the picture, each member lending their own life experiences to the heart wrenching lyrics. It’s a reflection, reframing a person from your past and redefining your experience of them.

The Two Body Problem is an indie-folk duo trading in lush, complex harmony work, open-hearted songwriting, and traditional arrangement with modern production. After touring Canada together as individual acts in 2022, Alanna Matty and Dan Young forged an onstage rapport, a performance style and a signature sound. Mixing Alanna’s contemporary folk and dream-pop sensibilities with Dan’s Americana and country roots, The Two Body Problem forms a singular blend of the old and new schools - a unique but familiar sound. It’s often fingerpicked and sung in close harmony, but it’s not afraid of a growling electric guitar, a searing synth pad, or the occasional theremin solo. Their influences span across genres and generations - from John Prine to Feist, with a lot of pit stops along the way - and their songs have been hammered out on long drives between gigs, tested in the corners of small, dim-lit barrooms. The duo is hard at work in the studio crafting their first release, with three singles and an EP due out in 2023.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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