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Dayglow 'Harmony House' Tour @ The Observatory

Nothing can beat the smile on Sloan Struble's face when he brought out his cowbell last night at The Observatory in Santa Ana.

What a night! We got to see two amazing acts from Texas perform, Hovvdy and Dayglow. These guys knew how to put on a show and get the crowd engaged.

Hovvdy was the first up and this band did not disappoint. Playing some of their previous releases and some off of the upcoming record, this group created such a cool blend of grungey guitar and incredible bass and drums. Overall it was a chilled set with lots of amazing instrumental integrated into each track. This was a great group to see live.

Dayglow was the main event that everyone was there for. Sloan came onto the stage and the venue just went wild. Song after song he delivered full performance, incredible live vocals, comedic dance moves; the full experience is all you could hope for listening to his music. It was actually my first "big" show back in venues - by big I mean a wild 970 capacity venue. It was shocking to me how rowdy this crowd was, never would I have expected to be in a chanting mosh pit with crowd surfing (witnessed from afar once I left the pit) at an indie-pop show but there is a first for everything. I think Sloan put it best in responding to the energy with "Y'all are nuts". I think everyone was ready to be back at a show and go all out.

I will say the highlight of my night was dancing in the open space by the bar with my friends to "Can I Call You Tonight", it felt weirdly nostalgic and brought some of the magic back to that indie concert experience.

Written by Hannah Schneider

Photography by Zoe Schmitt


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