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darkDark - "Petals" Review

Duo darkDark released their latest single “Petals”. The track starts with a steady kick that builds up with a steady synth.

The main female vocalist has the ability to provide a great sense of clarity despite the instrumental being almost entirely electronic, something that is always a great feat to do without anything overtaking or being more powerful than each other. The addition of a male vocal to add depth to certain parts of the pre chorus and chorus add more depth and helps with great layering to the track. Upon first listen I was mesmerized by “Petals”, which stands for “Planetary Escape Through Artificial Learning System”, and how different of a song and concept it is compared to other music we tend to gravitate towards nowadays. The track is described as one that is about two self-aware AIs coming to terms with their humanity and how they are dealing with it. With lyrics like ‘Petals always fade in light, Did you have a dream last night, Flowers always hunt at night’ the listener can interpret that the AIs are becoming more human-like and are also having a difficult time dealing with that discovery.

darkDark is composed of two members, Genevieve Vincent and Chris James. The pair have been releasing music since 2017 and have a unique way of creating with Vincent being located in Los Angeles,CA and James in Austin,TX, constantly sending their creations back and forth to create brilliant tracks. Both artists have backgrounds in composing, with Genevieve mainly creating for TV and Film and Chris working with TV and Brands, it is not hard to believe their minds could create a project so unique and enticing. “Petals (Planetary Escape Through Artificial Learning System)” is a captivating release and I am excited to see how darkDark’s worldbuilding continues to grow with future songs.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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