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"dandelion"-rum lunch | Review

Chills down my spine from the first strum of “dandelion” by rum lunch

This song feels like a chilly spring night when you are looking up at the stars just thinking about it all. Rum lunch’s voice flows through your ears creating the world this song lives in. It feels like a good detox from your mind. It makes you feel present in your power and what you can create. The recognition in oneself and what you hold is so prominent in this song. I am lucky to have heard this song by rum lunch and it will be stored in my March faves for this month.

Ruby, known artistically as rum lunch, is an artist who refuses to be boxed in. This black singer-songwriter is making waves in the music world thanks to her unique blend of guitar-driven melodies and intricate soundscapes. Drawing on a wide range of influences from indie rock to experimental electronica, rum lunch's music is characterized by a hauntingly beautiful sound that is at once deeply emotional and healing. Her guitar playing is soulful and evocative, providing the perfect backdrop for her powerful vocals, which soar above the music with a raw intensity that is impossible to ignore. At the heart of rum lunch's music is a commitment to expressing herself through her poetry. Her lyrics are personal and confessional, exploring themes of identity, love, loss, and the struggles of everyday life with a depth and honesty that is both refreshing and moving.

Written by Joselyng

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