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"Dance It Away" - EREZ | Review

“Dance It Away” is the new release by EREZ, channeling summer blues with a late-night beat taking listeners into a hypnotic experience.

The music can take you from lightly flowing with the rhythm to letting go completely dancing the night away. “Dance It Away” is a slow-burner building up to an ear-pleasing musical experience. Each note surrounds the mind perfectly capturing listeners to focus solely on the music. The artist’s tone and vocal execution are gentle and calm yet her energy is still delivered through it all. EREZ’s vocals ease into the beat while piercing each lyric throughout making sure listeners embody the full “Dance It Away” experience.

“Undress your fear. Just leave it here. I'll make it disappear.” EREZ offers a hand, an opportunity to heal under four minutes of music. It’s a route to escape into a different mindset, peaceful and free. The artist dedicates this song to those sitting in their pain, to just “Dance It Away.” Allowing listeners to put everything hurting down and move their energy and passion to enjoy a natural human movement, dance. Lyrics of the piece make it difficult to resist letting the music take over. It is only a matter of time before you step into EREZ’s world of euphoric energy.

“I’m so deep into dance and the journey it takes you on … The only way to truly enjoy the dance floor is by letting it be your boss. Once you do that, you’re rewarded with a clear mind and open heart and connection to yourself, the music, the people around you, the world,” EREZ said. “People are happy when they dance. They’re not judgmental. They’re in tune with their bodies and chemicals. They want to fuck. They want to scream. They want to reach out and in. Dancing is therapy. Mind-body connection. Somatic healing."

The NYC-born, Israeli-raised, and now LA-based artist extends her passion for music into the nightlife scene, the very space she bases her music. EREZ is a self-produced queer female artist, producer and DJ. Her authenticity and titles combined are more than enough to attract listeners to her artistry. “The musical landscapes I carve out are unique and feel like me. I've been lucky enough to never have a voice in my head of 'will they like it' while creating. I only create what I love and enjoy listening to," EREZ said.

This gorgeous experience of “Dance It Away” is the summer song for the overworked, underpaid, heartbroken and frustrated. This is your chance to heal.

Written by YooJin Son

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