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“Copenhagen” - Airliners | Review

To sustain a long distance relationship is to live in a fantasy: never experiencing life in the present—constantly waiting for a moment. It’s to be stuck in a state of wistful thinking. The long awaited new single from indie-pop duo Airliners finds them navigating through the emotional turbulence of being separated from a loved one. It’s titled “Copenhagen,” and its omnipresent references to the Danish capital allow the listener to empathize with the words in a much broader way. The relationship no longer has to be about a person; it can be about a place, an idea, or a dream.

In full indie-pop fashion, the duo juxtaposes upbeat music with downhearted lyrics. This device so artistically portrays the ever-so-relevant “This is Fine” meme—illustrating the times when our minds literally can’t contend with the severity of a situation, and we smile on. The sound of this new track encapsulates the folk roots and modern alt-rock edge of artists like King Charles or Marika Hackman. We’re treated to a lead part that emphasizes rhythm like a honky-tonk, ragtime tack piano, supported by a bright, light-gauge strung, shimmery guitar. The chord progression drives home the tonic, provides a catchy stability, and makes for a great sing-along song. In fact, it’s kind of Beatles-y.

Airliners’ choice of Copenhagen is a compelling one. Scandinavia is a sort of fairytale land for Westerners. What makes it so? Perhaps it’s the beautiful landscapes. Maybe it’s the level of importance the nation assigns to developing empathy in their inhabitants at an early age. It could be their high placement on the World Happiness Report. Whatever the reason, it feels like a well-kept secret on this side of the pond—yet, an attainable utopia. It makes a great setting for their new song—reminding us that when something you love is calling, listen.

Airliners is Tyler Boyd and Noah Monckton of Victoria, BC. Their magnetic energy has reconnected them four years after the release of their debut EP, Liftoff. The duo knows that—for them—there’s nothing more important than making music. Their new single is bound to take flight and carry them ever closer to where they’re meant to be.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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