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"Con Man" - Josh Tavares | Review

Josh Tavares is a name I just love to see in my playlists. His music is consistently vulnerable, authentic, and speaks to the heart of every single listener. "Con Man" is the final single which accompanies his new album "Ashes".

I had to sit down and listen to this whole album from start to finish. It is truly a work that captures a story of growth. Growing out of toxic relationships, figuring out what you want in life, figuring out what it means to be treated properly by someone, or getting through a tough time and coming out smarter and stronger because of an experience. Tavares goes into his personal experiences and stories with such grace and stunning execution.

"Con Man" is a track that will resonate with those who feel like they have to put up a mask and pretend to be a certain person to the outside world. The song tackles the topic of social anxiety and the reservations he had about engaging in a social scenario. Sharing an experience like this where your brain feels like has been taken over, hence the title "Con Man" is something that can really resonate with listeners as a story. Nothing feels sugar coated, just real.

Soft. Sensitive. Gentle. Well, none of those words actually describe Toronto-based alt-pop artist Josh Tavares, but he likes to think so. A music lover from an early age, his current musical influences include Lorde, Billie Eilish, The Neighbourhood, and most prominently Taylor Swift, who he says, inspires his current writing style, and in recent years encouraged him to take song writing more seriously. Josh began experimenting with original music at an early age, picking up the guitar when he was 10 and begging his teachers to perform his new songs in front of the class any chance he got - which wasn't embarrassing at all..

Writing music is by far his favourite part of the creative process. Almost always starting with a title and working his way through the verses and chorus from there, his inspiration for writing comes from literally anything around him: his friends and family, TV shows and even occasionally eavesdropping in on a stranger's conversation waiting in line for coffee. Song ideas can come at the most inconvenient times, almost always producing the most beautiful results.

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