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“Closer” – Scenic Route to Alaska | Review

This trio knows how to write a hook.

Canada’s Scenic Route to Alaska offers us “Closer”—a song that could stand up amongst the pillars of The Vines’ debut masterpiece. The new single juxtaposes a strong melody and matter-of-fact attitude in the chorus with a bridge that oozes atmospheric desperation from its heavy reverb, airy synth part, and crowd vocal.

The production shines through at moments like, “… but in time, we will see…” The genius is written in the explosion of overdriven guitars and the long, warm kick/crash combo from a drum kit whose tone couldn’t possibly complement the song any better than it already does.

One of the most captivating aspects of the track is lead singer Trevor Mann’s voice. His use of subtle vibrato on lines like, “I am yours and you are mine,” and the overall production of the vocals call to mind Julian Casablancas and Dan Auerbach. “Closer” has enough of a mainstream feel to appeal to fans of The Strokes or The Black Keys but also has enough depth to serve as a gateway to lesser-hyped acts of the past like Grandaddy or Akron/Family.

“But for now, we just lie down...” is the moment that got me. The vocals and instruments come together to show the audience that this band can really rock.

They come together to show that SRTA has got something to say.

Scenic Route to Alaska hail from Edmonton, Alberta. The band is comprised of Murray Wood on bass, Shea Connor on drums, and the aforementioned Mann on guitars and lead vocals. Although they have a loyal fan base in Canada, earning an award for “Rock Artist of Year,” SRTA rocks for fans all over the world. This busy band makes the most of every opportunity, picking up new fans left and right as they continue to tour and release new music. The group shows that time drives their determination and that they have no shortage of material or inspiration to share in the future.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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