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"Clio & Calliope" - Other Suns | Review

“Clio and Calliope” is a hauntingly beautiful blend of acoustic guitar and layered vocals that will send a chill down your spine.

The track is an ode to two lovers, Clio & Calliope (obviously). Male and female vocals duet to represent the two as they navigate their relationship. The rawness of the track will really stick with you, the simplistic guitar and soft vocals making it one to remember. The dissonances keep you on your toes as you wait for them to resolve to harmonies. For the most part, the track moves very slowly, but starts to speed up and crescendo towards the end before abruptly dropping back off, perhaps symbolizing the highs and lows of these two lovers’ relationship.

Other Suns is the solo project of St. Louis native Sam Jennings. This is the penultimate track on his second album, “Songs About Death”, a collection of slow, stripped-down songs quite similar to this one. If you enjoyed this one, you’re sure to love the rest of the album!

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