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Chris James - “Out Of Fashion” | Review

There is something light and hopefully about the latest offering from Chris James. “Out Of Fashion” is a reminder to allow yourself to grow beyond what you are comfortable with - it might be a bit out of fashion for where you are at right now.

“Can I stay a little longer than a while” is a line that warmed my heart. “Out Of Fashion” feels like learning to settle down without it feeling like a sacrifice. It is a light-hearted love song without drums, employing guitars, banjos, and a piano. It feels like the perfect blend of hope and softness that we need in a love song. Less about pining for a person but realizing that sometimes it's not a sacrifice to shift your patterns as you age and evolve as a person and in this case partner.

This is the kind of song I will play while making breakfast with my partner just dancing around in a big flannel and sweatpants smiling about how easy it is to embrace that connection and feel settled in a lasting and stable relationship.

As a completely self-contained artist empowered by his own creative vision (Chris writes, produces, and mixes his own music), he has released 9 singles and his debut album “The Art of Overthinking” – propelling the German-American artist to over 25 million streams. Rounding out 2020 co-writing BTS’ Billboard Hot 100 #1 single “Life Goes On” as well as having his single “Not Angry" go viral in China and Vietnam, Chris doesn't plan to slow down in 2021. Already releasing 4 singles this year (with his latest single ‘Hey It’s Me’ landing German airplay), his second album “The Fear of Missing Out" is set to be released in July.

While his debut album "Art of Overthinking" was about perfectionism and learning to let go, "The Fear of Missing Out" is about finding his place in this world - geographically and philosophically. The American-born musician, who came to Germany as a child, has lived almost all his life in Hilden near Düsseldorf and only just moved to Berlin during the pandemic. Many changes inside and outside, which he now processes in his upcoming songs. It will be interesting to see what Chris comes up with next in a creative environment like Berlin.

“I've pretty much been in the same place my entire life and I always knew that this wouldn't last forever but I never acted on that thought until now.”

Review by Hannah Schneider

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