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"Cheap Pills" - Nathaniel Paul- Premiere

Nathaniel Paul is back with another single, “Cheap Pills”. “Cheap Pills” comes from Paul’s upcoming album, “Turpentine”, out this summer via AWAL. You probably already know the singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based out of Brooklyn from the duo, The Bergamot. Paul has a background in classical guitar and also writes and performs all elements of his productions.

“These are the days of my life” the singer echoes throughout the song, making you believe that you are living your best parts of your life no matter what you are going through. I love this line so much because I feel like we often take for granted the moments we are living through and Paul is recognizing them and saying that they’re living through the best parts of their life.

Paul then goes on to sing “You can have this if you want it” which is a really powerful line in “Cheap Pills”. The singer is saying we all can have the best days of our life if we want, we just have to acknowledge that these are the days of our lives. I feel like this line pairs perfectly with “These are the days of my life” because we all want to live our best lives and Paul is offering us that opportunity by saying all we have to do is “Sign the dotted line”.

I love how calming “Cheap Pills” is, it’s perfect for a summer drive or sitting on the beach. It’s got a nice chill vibe and makes me think of what it would be like to listen to it during some of the best moments of my life- whether I recognize them as the best moments right then or not. Overall, I think “Cheap Pills” is the perfect song for summer because of how relaxing it is sonically and lyrically.

Review Done By Casper Barbour

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