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"Change Her Mind" - Jane's Party | Review

Amidst the bubblegum pop releases in the summer come the gritty, raw indie rock songs, and “Change Her Mind” by Jane’s Party is a great example of that.

The guitar comes through so strong with an energetic drum beat that really sets the tone for this joyful song. It exudes a bright, youthful sound, perfect for days spent in the sun. My favorite part is the chorus where, for a moment, the drums slow down and the guitar fades a bit before it explodes again in a burst of euphoria, with the band singing, “And all you ever say is/Oh my love/Wish that this could be clearer/It’s like we grew up too fast.” Those lyrics alone capture that feeling of fearlessness and indestructibility so common when we feel happy to the extent this song produces. It’s so easy to feel how much joy Jane’s Party invests in their music, especially with “Change Her Mind.” Though the song is inspired by the music of the sixties and seventies, it has a modern edge to it that will make it seem familiar, yet refreshing.

Jane’s Party consists of Jeff Giles (vocals, keys, and guitar), Tom Ionescu (guitar and vocals), Devon Richardson (bass and vocals), and Zach Sutton (drums), who met at university in Toronto in 2006. They played covers in local clubs until producing their own content in 2009, releasing their debut album, “The Garage Sessions.” They have four albums total with their most recent being “Casual Island,” which was released last year. They’ve toured with Lord Huron, Arkells, and Tom Odell among many others and they’re currently working on a new EP with two members of the rock group Zeus.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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