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"chance with you" - mehro |Review

Oh unattainable love, tragic romance, letting something beautiful slip through your fingers....well my advice....don't miss your chance to listen to mehro.

"chance with you" is a beautiful and melancholy track about being too scared to make a move. The classic story of thinking someone is out of your league so taking a step back. mehro does such an incredible job of narrating this internal dialog of "do I take this chance and risk everything". Simply exquisite; "chance with you" is a love song for the ages. Passionate vocals croon over a folk-guitar musing on lost time as mehro confesses about a love he wishes he pursued: "If I could go back in time, I'd shoot my shot, just so I could have a chance with you." This breakout artist is one to watch!

On "chance with you," mehro says, "when i wrote 'chance with you,' it was an acknowledgement that i let something slip through my fingers. i let fear overpower my desires, and i won't let that happen again."

"chance with you" is taken from mehro's forthcoming SKY ON FIRE project, due out this spring. The concept as a whole is an ode to the bleakness that was the year 2020, proving that through music, it is possible to find beauty even in desolation and despair.

The born-and-bred Angelino began turning heads in early 2020 with the release of his debut single "perfume" which quickly won praise from the masses and is now sitting at over 5.5 Million streams on Spotify alone. Sophomore single "hideous" and follow-up "lightning" continued to garner substantial buzz, positioning the young talent as an artist on the rise.

Tastemakers like Flaunt, American Songwriter, Ones To Watch, C-Heads, and several others herald the talented songwriter as one "of the most exciting new artists to arrive," and there are no signs of his slowing down in the year to come. Having quickly earned a following of 170K followers on Instagram, mehro is charging full steam ahead withhis devoted fans backing him every step of the way.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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