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“Catching Feelings” – Mathew V | Review

Oh I caught a feeling all right! Mathew V is ready to bring us more of the spring and summer bops ladies and gentlemen. Get ready for danceable synths, a catchy beat, and smooth driving with the roof down vocals on “Catching Feelings

Honestly, upon first listen I was caught off guard. The vocals seemed so different for V. Rather than starting out with some hard hitting punchy vocals these were are bit more toned down but equally as amazing. Got a bit of a Betty Who or Superfruit vibe from this single and I am here for it. Mathew really has a talent for making catchy songs. After “The Coast” I wasn’t entirely sure if he would bring a bop to top it but he continues to outdo himself. I love the way the vocals are still really strong and pure but there is light synths through out which give it a really nice modern pop edge.

When asked about the song V said, “I had wanted to work with Ryan Stewart (Multi Platinum, Juno Award Winning Producer/Songwriter) for ages, and this was the first song we did together. I’d spent the last year really coming into my skin and allowing myself to make the pop-bops that I’d always wanted to make. Knowing Ryans catalogue, when we finally got into the studio together, I knew I wanted something fun, cheeky and playful. The song developed in front of our eyes, and it really became our lovechild for a few months, polishing it and getting it exactly where we wanted. Now I think we are pretty proud parents releasing her into the world. (What a modern family, love that for us.) “

Here is what fans are saying about the first new song of 2019 from Mathew V:

“Give me a second... THIS IS THE BOP OF THE YEAR... ok second over..” - Georgia

“Yes!! #CatchingFeelings by @MathewVMusic IS SO GOOD! It’s the “spin around dancing/hopping and pretend it’s the montage section of your own coming of age movie scene” song I’ve needed in 2019! Go listen to it!!”- Gabrielle

“i don’t know about you but, i’m catching feelings for this bop and it’s been out for less than five mins!! what are you waiting for?! stream #CatchingFeelings now!!!!!!” - Emilee

After seeing Mathew live at Unheard Gems Live in January I can promise you that this bubble gum pop sweet heart lives up to his reputation online. Get ready for more bops to come as the next era of Mathew V is one that you do not want to miss.

In case you didn’t know who Mathew V was prior to this review here is the origin story of the Canadian pop star:

After 10 years of classical operatic vocal training, Mathew V moved to London, England at the age of 17 to teach himself how to write pop music. Now only 22, Mathew has accomplished a lot since returning home to Vancouver. Mathew penned a deal with 604 records and his debut single “Tell Me Smooth” went top 40 on Canadian Radio (Hot AC/AC) for 18 weeks, peaking at #18. Mathew has written with the likes of Dan Mangan, DiRTY RADiO and on stage he’s opened up for Betty Who, Ria Mae, Hanson, Daya, MAGIC! and more. His debut album “The Fifth” came out in the spring of 2018 and charted in both Canada and the US. The album earned critical acclaim from press outlets such as Nylon and Billboard, marking Mathew as an artist to watch. With strong roots in the LGBTQ+ community, Mathew has never shied away from expressing himself in his music, taking the cover of Spotify’s Global Pride playlist during Pride 2018. Now with a catalogue approaching 10 million online streams, Mathew is making new music, pushing his boundaries and preparing for whats to come…

Review by Hannah Schneider

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