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Carson Ferris - "Speed Limit" | Review

When you get busy and overwhelmed, oftentimes the easiest thing is just to give up and move forward.

The latest single released by Carson Ferris shows exactly why you need to keep pushing and dig your heels deeper. “Speed Limit” was released on March 3, 2023, making it the second release for Ferris just this year, previously dropping 2 tracks in January.

The song starts with an upbeat sound that we usually hear the moment the main character has to resolve their conflict in a coming of age movie. The pre chorus has a strong drum beat that builds up the anticipation for the chorus, where Carson does not disappoint. The lyrics ‘Trying to make sure that all my dreams are coming true, Pushing till my lungs are burning, Running out of time but the world keeps turning’ perfectly encapsulates how hard it is to keep moving forward in life and follow your dreams while feeling burnt out. People always talk about following your dreams and reaching your goals, but they also always leave out how hard it is to get there. “Speed Limit” puts all those doubts and concerns in song and voices the internal conflicts we all face in life.

Powerful vocalist Carson Ferris is still so young so it is hard to believe that this 12 year old has been releasing music since 2021. The Utah native has amassed a lot at his young age, winning a social media contest to have his video featured at Donny Osmond’s Las Vegas show, performing at multiple festivals in Provo, as well as also having a single that has almost 400K streams within 2 years. Ferris is already a very strong artist and songwriter, so it’ll be exciting to see how much more he grows and achieves with the coming years.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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