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"Carry Me" - Wax Owls | Review

Sometimes you just need the twang of indie-folk to brighten up a cloudy day.

On the first overcast day since August, the Wax Owls brought "Carry Me" to the rescue to give me some artificial sunshine. The vocals are warm and give a sense of love and nostalgia. Very much like the era of 2014-15 anthemic pop indie tracks, this gave the flavor of OAR or American Authors with a beautiful modern twist. Each instrument is so clearly defined it just feels like sparkles in my brain. It feels like that perfect song to capture moving to Southern California in the fall.

"Carry Me" is the new single from LA indie folk trio Wax Owls, written with Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra.

Vocalist Gerry Hirschfeld says on the track, "I have been a fan of BTE since I was a kid, so I was very excited to work with Kevin. I spent the morning of our song-writing session scrolling through old voice memos of songs I had on my phone because I didn’t want to show up to the session empty-handed. I stumbled across a voice memo I had made in 2018 when I had just finished law school and was living in Chicago. It had the first few lines and melody for what became the chorus; 'If I go to California, make-believe I want ya.' Kevin liked the hook so we built the song off of that. I made the voice memo when I was gearing up to move back to LA to start my career as a lawyer. I wanted to move back to LA but not to be a lawyer… even before I started the job, I knew I was just pretending that it was a good next step. Lyrically, Carry Me is about just that: being on the precipice of a big life change but also knowing that the change was not happening for the right reasons. After a few years working as an attorney, I quit my job to pursue my passion. Wax Owls is now gearing up for our first tour at the end of September where we will be playing Pilgrimage Music Festival and sharing the bill with Better Than Ezra. It really came full circle.

Wax Owls’ songs are written by multi-instrumentalist Gerry Hirschfeld who has toured nationally and performed with artists such as Leon Russell and Willie Nelson. His song “Hello” was recorded by Willie Nelson. Chris Tsaganeas was a founding member of Republic/Universal band Fancy Reagan, and drummer for Republic/Universal artist Viv and The Revival. More recently, Chris toured as the drummer for Atlantic Records' artist Forest Blakk and has opened for The Roots, Bleachers, NEEDTOBREATHE and many others. Bassist Randall Adams has worked as a side artist and co-writer for numerous acts in the Los Angeles music scene, and has toured nationally as the bassist and principle lyricist for the pop punk group Scenic Attraction.

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