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“Can You Feel My Heart Beating” – Tanner Cherry | Review

Just in time for what is shaping up to be a sun-kissed summer, Tanner Cherry returns with his newest single, “Can You Feel My Heart Beating” – a swagger-laden surf rock anthem that exudes solar energy, providing a friendly reminder to shoot your shot and smell the roses.

Cherry puts his charisma on full display, opening the track with a soulful falsetto that is reminiscent of warm weather pop/R&B mainstays such as Marc E. Bassy. The simple yet sweet lyrics that follow bring the listener along as a wingman, as one can’t help but root for him as he hopes to reconnect with that special someone from however recently – we can’t know for certain if he “said the right things” to make the person in question miss him or not, but I’d be surprised if the raw vibrancy and bounciness of this effort isn’t indicative of a job well done.

Late night thoughts such as “if I was to die today, I wonder if you’d remember me from the words I said” characterize the track on that front, which may just act as a welcome nudge for those mustering the confidence to be transparent with their potential Romeo or Juliet. But even if you’re not looking to confess any love anytime soon, you can safely add “Can You Feel My Heart Beating” into your feel-good playlist without thinking twice.

Upon first listen, Cherry’s acoustic prowess makes it nigh impossible to resist hitting a subtle shoulder roll. Soothing, minimalist percussion takes a backseat to layered, buttery guitar chops that mesh together like yin and yang, all serving to invite the listener into the butterfly garden that the singer and multi-instrumentalist finds himself trying to navigate.

This earworm of a tune unfalteringly abides to the directive that the Nashville artist has set forth for himself: to holistically connect with his audience through infectious songwriting and rhythms that blend his multifaceted musical upbringing together in an unforgettable manner. As he repeats the titular line in the hook and beckons for the subject of the song to hear his heart pounding, you can truly hear his cited influences – candid folk-pop tinges complementing a soul-searching presence akin to a Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz – at the most visceral of levels.

Whether you find yourself sandridden on the beach or taking a leisurely stroll amid summertime serenity, “Can You Feel My Heart Beating” is sure to enrich the experience to the fullest extent. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen out there.

Written by Aidan Mega

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