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"Can't Keep Your Love" - HINYL |Review

If you were looking for a track to join your New Years Eve playlist look no further than HINYLs latest track, "Can't Keep Your Love".

I am loving this synthpop vibe lately and this track was no exception. The song has a slow build with echoing vocals and synths that resonate and hang in the space. The vocals take on a darker and deeper tone until the bass kicks in around. 0:50 and then you are transported to a synthy out of this-world club sound. I think this song carries with it an element of timelessness as it pulls from the funky styling of the 2000s-10s synth scene influence of Daft Punk but ABBA-esc disco flare.

"Can't Keep Your Love" is a contemplative and moody synth-pop song about the loneliness that can follow a casual hookup. A direct continuation of the previous single "Motion", it acts as an after hours reflection of the loveless relationship the singer is in. While he longs for something more meaningful and passionate, he's resigned to the fact that his lover doesn't want to be tied down and can't give him the stability he longs for. Theirs is a relationship based on transactional pleasure and ephemeral intimacy. "Will I ever see you again, or am I another face to forget?" summarizes the sentiment of this song as the singer wonders, "is this emptiness all that we'll know?"

Hailing from Washington, D.C, Darien Gautier and Steven Homme started collaborating in 2018, initially recording a variety of demos in Homme’s apartment. They drew inspiration from a shared love of disco and 80s pop, aiming to create a smooth analog sound with infectious pop hooks. After two years of workshopping, they eventually formed HINYL. Featuring Gautier on vocals and Homme on production, HINYL (acronym : HE IS NOT YOUR LOVER) presents a fresh sonic blend of disco, house, funk pop and electro R&B.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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