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“Bull (on wheels pull thread)” – Big Society | Review

With their second single of 2022, Big Society puts together a triumphant ode to accepting your flaws and becoming a re-envisioned version of yourself on “Bull (on wheels pull thread)”.

The Manchester-based indie pop quartet has proclaimed their mission to reinvent their sound as they artistically mature, and it seems as though they have not deviated from said path following their invigorating debut EP “Age of Discovery.” The band is clearly and effectively incorporating a myriad of different inspirations into their craft – you can hear tinges of Pixies’ Black Francis in their lead vocals, and some of their production choices immediately bring MGMT to mind – but the manner in which they bring every element of “Bull (on wheels pull thread)” together reaffirms that their style is all their own.

Their most recent product has shown off a kaleidoscopic confluence of instrumentation, FX and vocal sporadicism previously locked away in a safe, and this new track puts their avant-garde on full display. Bare yet powerful belts serve as the grand marshals of this victory parade while a heavily distorted guitar, loosely structured chimes and an alien-like glissando contrast the self-reflection and stoicism that define hook and bridge – amid this layered chaos, the listener resonates with an authentic desire to change as the frontman wonders “am I drinking on nothing?”

The overarching lyricism on this track is short, sweet and straight to the point, yet the dichotomy between continuous denial and chasing betterment is present in every line. “Only when I’m over being under, I’ll say I’ll open up my eyes” sets a tone that mostly any human can identify with – whether it be a tendency to wallow in temporary low points or a righteous battle to overthrow presiding demons, many of us turn our backs to the light that pierces through the tunnel when we’re surrounded by darkness.

From the limited amount of material that I’ve heard, Big Society lets their music speak for itself. They don’t try to overdo their musicality or compose a Odyssian epic with their songwriting, but the octane of their work gets turned up to eleven through attention to detail and sheer charisma – I see myself throwing “Bull (on wheels pull thread)” on a sunny drive, allowing myself to soak in a natural high while it’s present.

With a priority to stylistically evolve, it will be interesting to see the direction that Big Society takes. The band has already performed under bills headed by legends such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young, so one would automatically assume that their previous approach ain’t broke and doesn’t need fixing – but after hearing this new single, I think the risk is worth taking.

By Aidan Mega

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