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"Build A Ship" - Elena | Review

“Build a Ship” is all about simplicity. Elena’s clear, concise, but beautiful voice carries this song. The instrumentals are very light compared to other songs we’ve had on Unheard Gems.

Elena explains; “ “Build A Ship” is a lyrically-melodic driven song that settles into a vibey chorus.” This pretty much provides the gist of the song, but definitely in a humbling way.

In no way would I describe this as a “basic” or “boring” song. Elena’s voice and lyrics tie everything in creating a smooth and crip description of a sad time in her life.

In the song, Elena seems to revert to things that would be sadeining, like when it pours outside or telling her so-called loved one they shouldn’t be in their life anymore, but to me this doesn't seem sad, she’s building a “ship” to start anew, to become a better and a happier person. It’s almost empowering or I may just be an incredibly positive person…

Who knows.

In all, I really enjoyed the subtleness of this song. Sad or empowering, either way I was really impressed with Elena’s voice and lyrics.

Elena hails from the snow and cold ridden land of Northern Canada. At age 10 she decided that she was going to be a pop star and hasn’t looked back. She attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston and then ended up in the urban jungle of NYC.

If Elena keeps up her 10-year-old matra there's nothing but promise that awaits her in her future music career.

Written by Quincy Williamson

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