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“boys dont cry” - SEB | Review

“boys dont cry” by SEB is a lofi bedroom anthem that has us feeling a little empathy for the men in our lives who have been told that showing emotion is a sign of weakness.

SEB tackles the issue of society making it taboo for men to show emotion, using a calming beat. The emotional lyrics confront the struggle head-on, as the protagonist battles depression while in a relationship with a woman who further implements the stereotype that “boys don’t cry.” Despite the heavy and important topic, the song is catchy and relaxing. Being able to show that you are struggling and admit you need help is actually a sign of strength. SEB couldn’t have said it any better in his new, aesthetically pleasing song.

Falling somewhere between pop, electronic, indie, and lofi, SEB’s music finds clarity in this web of genres and creates a new direction for listeners to explore. From Tyler the Creator to GRIMES to The Cure to Toro Y Moi, SEB aligns closely with artists that push boundaries and recognizes the paths that they have paved for him to create music of his own.

“boys dont cry” is an anthem for reclaiming identity and dismisses the concept of vulnerability as a point of weakness. Featuring a ukulele and influences from UK garage, the new single is an extension of a self-contained, LA-based artist who writes, produces, performs and engineers everything himself.

Written by Annika Johnson, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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