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“Boys don’t cry” - Dillistone X ferdinant. |Review

“Boys don’t cry” is a catchy 90s RnB infused pop tune by Danish producer Dillistone and Dutch singer-songwriter ferdinant about opening up to your own vulnerability.

The lyrics once and for all end with the biggest misperception in society when it comes to toxic masculinity: "Boys don’t cry“. Ferdinant’s vocals on this track are beautiful, that perfect lull and vibey tone. The song is bouncy but laid back. It just creates a relaxed ambiance. Songs like this make you present in the moment. Not only is the track just a solid listen but the message is great! I think the way these artists have taken on the stigmas of masculinity and needing to let out emotion is great, “who the fuck said that boys dont cry? Boys do cry and the tears don’t lie”. Producer Dillistone, who is based in Copenhagen but has roots in Shanghai and London and has made waves with official remixes for Dua Lipa, Frances, Young Bombs, and many more, has teamed up with upcoming Dutch singer-songwriter ferdinant. on this silky RnB ode to the vulnerability of the male sex. While earning his bread and butter as an actor and model, Tomas Rabbering aka ferdinant. started pursuing his true passion of being a singer-songwriter in 2019 and currently finished releasing his debut EP. Ferdinant was born in the early 90s, Tomas found his passion in an old guitar he had found in Portugal. It was the possession of his fathers (who used to be a busker) and who had moved to Portugal earlier in his life. After a long stint in Theatre school back home in the Hague, he slowly found his voice and began to write ditties and small ideas for songs. With a love for classical and cinematic music, the melodramatic soul of young Ferdinant emerged and he finally made a move to Berlin to leave the modeling and the acting world and put all into his music and art. Berlin is very different from his humble, warming the seaside home in the Netherlands, be it grey and sometimes isolated, so whilst finding his feet and using his talent, his debut EP was created.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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