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“Blank Space” - clide | Review

Clide is a smart pop artist. His powerful pop vocals and feel-good tracks make any listener addicted.

"blank space" is about yourself and your identity. It is about acknowledging where you are and where you have to go. If you are moving past a relationship, a stall in your career, a transition from place to place, little parts of you haven’t changed or caught up yet. You get so many fresh starts, why not take advantage of that blank space?

"blank space" is about search of identity in a world where you can be everything. being a blank space, clide tells his very own story, proving his talent for hooky and smart songwriting. The chill and "feel-good" production combined with his distinctive vocals make it an easy listen that hooks the audience from the first line. The play with vocal distance is so fun to listen to more than a traditional background vocal and track sometimes, the little pops are just so fun to catch and groove to. While “blank space” has a more commercial appeal, clide continues to push musical boundaries, developing his unique style.

20-year-old clide sounds like "born-and-raised in America“, but he wasn’t. Being half American, he grew up in Berlin, Germany, where he lives and creates music. Recently named "the best kept secret" or "rare talent“ by music officials, one thing is for sure: clide is definitely ready to proof them right. While in 2019 his focus was on songwriting and testing his songs in underground locations in Berlin, in 2020 the world will finally be able to listen to what he's been cooking.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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