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BETTER WITH YOU" - maxwell rose | Review

“BETTER WITH YOU” is the perfect bright quintessential indie-pop soundtrack to go along with a warm weather fling where you know that you’re falling hard.

In his latest song, maxwell rose captures the early serendipitous feeling of a new romance where you never want to separate from this person because they make life so much better. The verses are backed by an upbeat and dancy bass, which lead into a catchy chorus filled with explosive guitar riffs and energetic drums, which creates a fun and vibrant mood. It reminds me a bit of indie artists like ROLE MODEL, The Driver Era, and MyKey. This song seems like it would play in the background of a movie as the two leads are falling in love over spring break. I will definitely be streaming this song and singing along at the top of my lungs as I’m driving down PCH along the beach as the weather starts to warm up.

maxwell rose is a 22 year old artist based in New York City, where he writes, records, and produces all of his music from his tiny apartment bedroom studio. His goal is to create catchy melodies inspired by various influences, including genres from hip-hop to indie pop. Courageously creating unique and energizing sounds, maxwell rose is an artist to keep on your radar.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao

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