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Bartender (Decade Version) by Ryan Sweezy | REVIEW

Ryan Sweezy releases a revamped version of his single “Bartender” to celebrate its almost decade-old milage. Though the original track was released in 2016, Ryan wrote the song in 2014 after a breakup following a long-term relationship.

“While not officially over yet, it was in the "I need some space" phase,” Ryan told Unheard Gems. “I knew it was ending, but I couldn't do anything about it, just helplessly waiting for her to make the final decision.”

From the lyrics, I imagine Ryan sitting at the side of the bar, drinking away the pain and helpless fear of rejection. While the song lyrics are a bit sad, the music production contrasts with guitars and pianos playing major chords, the tempo fast enough to bop your head to, and a melody to sing or hum along to. It reflects Ryan’s emotions from the “breakup” and potential motivation to move forward no matter what comes tomorrow.

“Bartender” (Decade Version) will be released on June 7. Ryan re-recorded it in 2022 with the same musicians from his “Out Searching” album. He describes the decade version as “much more organic and lively” to celebrate the song’s decade mark.

Ryan Sweezey is a New England singer-songwriter expressing sensitivity through his songwriting and vocal delivery. Raised in Massachusetts and residing in Vermont, his accessible folk-tinged acoustic pop/rock has been forged through extensive performing with similar reminiscence of Matt Nathanson, Matchbox Twenty, and Gin Blossoms. His thoughtful lyrics explore constant change in aging, internal mental struggles, love and heartbreaks, and self-discovery.

Written by Yaba Ahounou

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