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"Back Here Anymore" - Tyler Budd | Review

This is the soft indie pop track I have been missing. "Back Here Anymore" is a fun love sick track perfect for your playlist.

This is such a great track for those of us trying to navigate a relationship, either in the early days still trying to read each other's signals or looking back and negotiating over everything that happened in your head. It's those internal conversations that just lead to nothing but trouble huh? The beat is infectious and I am in love with the airyness of Budd's voice. This track is perfect for the last moments of summer love.

From Tyler Budd: "Back Here Anymore" was written in reflection of a past relationship and being grateful about being happy and in-love, but also the process of self-negotiating and the struggle of realizing that this isn't the person for you. I've always felt super conscious about writing music because I'm usually on the other end of the lens, as a music photographer; taking photos of artists like Greta Van Fleet, Sean Leon, Skratch Bastid, Lisa Monet, and Hubert Lenoir. We live in a crazy time, and it felt like the right time to try a new medium and take the risk. Thank you for listening!

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