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"Avocado Daydream" - Sam Florian | Review

Serving as the leading track of Sam Florian’s second album, “Avocado Daydream” is a sun-soaked song that marries the best elements of lofi-indie with bedroom pop.

This track is a shimmery, sunny tune that perfectly encapsulates what it means to chill during the summertime. While it contains the echoey melancholic vocals that lofi-indie is famous for, it’s paired with a wavy synth and bright guitar that’s reminiscent of modern indie surf rock. It has no shortage of personality and character, like the summertime feel of Goth Babe and bedroom pop sound of Mild High Club.

The song clocks in at just under three minutes. In that short timespan, you’re transported to a poolside tiki bar’s happy hour, where the palm trees float and sway overhead. The energy is electric, carefree, and convivial. The only things on your mind are vacation and which fruity cocktail to get next. A song that can create that kind of getaway in the brain is one that’s worthy of being put on repeat.

From a small apartment in Karlstad, Sweden comes the musical stylings of Sam Florian. The bedroom pop sensation has accumulated a strong following on Spotify with nearly 63,000 monthly listeners. He was recently named Artist of the Future by Swedish National Radio P3, and his music has made it onto the editorial playlist for Oyster. His second album, “Avocado Daydream,” drops today.

Edited by Tatum Jenkins

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