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"Autonomy" - Exmiranda | Review

This is a fun hip hop song in the style of 90s New Jack Swing. The song is a story about rejecting advances to stay independence and "autonomy".

Brittany Exmiranda Manu or Exmiranda is a poet with a unique sounds. Her music is dynamic and infused with multiple genres which provide a new look at rap music. Energetic and fun this song is a fun way to kick off the year.

Exmiranda is an artist from Toronto, Canada, inspired by a variety of musical genres from Hip hop, grime, R & B, house, Afro beats and many more. Her musical influences include a plethora of artist from rappers like Notorious B-I-G to Drake. She started her artistic prowess originally as a poet later became a spoken word artist. In 2012 she transitioned into rap and never looked back.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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