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Ashley Kutcher @ The Echo Los Angeles | Photo Gallery and Review

The Echo was buzzing on this Wednesday as this sold out crowd awaited Ashley

Kutcher to emerge from the green room. The lights on stage began to flicker as the

opening night of her headlining tour with Rosie Darling got under way. Ashley’s voice

carried throughout the venue, even as the entire crowd recited her lyrics right back to

her. Picking up her acoustic guitar to sing “ The Night You Left,” she sweetly asked the

crowd to sing along if they knew it. Of course, even as the live drums kicked in for the

chorus, you could still here everyone in the crowd as if it was rehearsed.

Ashley’s stage presence warmed up the stage and she shared small tidbits of her life before every song which gave everyone a small sneak peak into the writing process of said songs. Her catchy and honest voice is something you just can’t help but relate to. Mid-way through her set, a fan handed her their phone to record, and Ashley happily grabbed it and walked down the stage with it with her hand extended, as to make sure it captured the entire crowd in frame. It’s these interactions with her fans that she says warms her heart. She even decided to cover Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me” this night, to all the delight of the crowd. It was a perfect way to get those that were

just seeing Ashley for the first time, hooked into her charismatic personality.

Before her song “Love You from a Distance” blew up on TikTok, Ashley was pursuing a

nursing degree, and it wasn’t until she started to play local bars and Venues that she

thought music could be part of her life path. Now, Ashley just played to a sold out

crowd in Los Angeles, and 4 other cities on a 10 city tour are already sold out as well.

This just goes to show Ashley’s humble rise as a talented and strong indie-pop artist.

Catch her on the rest of the tour...if they’re not already sold out!

Review and photos by Vincent Collyer

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