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"ANTIDOTE" - CHYLD & Mickey Darling | Music Video Review

“ANTIDOTE,” a collaboration between singer/instrumentalist CHYLD and indie-pop duo Mickey Darling, is a song sure to brighten your quarantine days. CHYLD’s deep vocals paired with a lively beat navigates the complexity of relationship dynamics in a playful way. The three musicians purposefully made this song enjoyable to listen to, making it, “perfect for dancing with friends or dancing alone, no skills needed.”

The accompanying music video is just as carefree and playful, with the three of them jamming out to their own song with the camera angle in strange places. For example, it is at the bottom of a cup and we can only see a person’s eyes in one shot and, in another, it is placed inside looking out through a window where we see CHYLD riding a hoverboard on the grass outside. The video reflects the unique style both of these artists bring to this interesting song; it’s not a cookie cutter pop song, but rather an example of what authentic collaboration looks like.

CHYLD is Boston-based musicians and extremely talented instrumentalist, with an ability to play five different instruments. He is a big fan of collaboration, previously working with Loppside, August Rose, and Drowsy. Mickey Darling consists of Skyler Molina and Austin Medrano, both from San Antonio, Texas. Their first single, “Shia Labeouf,” was released in October 2018 and they now have 5 more singles available for streaming on all platforms.

Review by Tatum Jenkins

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