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"Amsterdam" - Joseph and Maia | Review

“Amsterdam” by Joseph and Maia is a perfectly soothing song for these last few days of spring rain before summer barges in.

The duo’s complementary vocals blend beautifully against the simplicity of the guitar strumming sweetly in the background. Through this song, the couple explores this definition of home and what places can feel like, specifically drawing inspiration from their time in Europe.

The pair commented on the creation of this track, saying, “We spent 3 years, essentially homeless and constantly on the road in Europe. We were entirely dependent on touring, busking, playing whatever little show came our way, relying on people’s generosity in housing us, buying our music, contributing to our crazy ideas. It was a dream and we miss it every day, but to think about what that life would look like right now, well that’s fucking terrifying. I really feel for anyone anywhere in the world right now, stuck or without a home...”

Joseph and Maia were originally signed to Sony Music in 2015 but broke off the contract two years ago in order to pursue their dream elsewhere. They decided to buy a one-way ticket to Europe, with no plan except to play music. For the past two years, they’ve been played all across Europe in pubs, strangers’ homes, the streets, castles, and boats, totaling 400 plus shows in over 18 countries. Written by Tatum Jenkins, Edits by Hannah Schneider

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