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"Amicably" - Kahone Concept |Review

Though “amicably” means “in a friendly and peaceful manner”, relationships hardly ever end amicably. Alt-pop artist Kahone Concept recognizes this in his new track “Amicably”. The song discusses how the mastermind behind Kahone Concept, Ben Orrvick, realized he was not a good partner in past relationships which made him a better person in the end.

The pop artist behind “Amicably”, Ben Orrvick, is based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Orrvick grew up playing a variety of instruments, he couldn’t find a good group to start a band with so he started creating music on his own at the age of 15.

The opening lines of the song: “And this is how a man creates himself/He builds a wall/And then she knocks it down” create a visual of Orrvick surrounding himself with a wall before finding the girl. Later on in the song, the opening lines are echoed with: “And this is how a man is seen right through/He hides his heart/And it is hard to lose”. Throughout the song, Orrvick is talking about hiding parts of himself and being vulnerable all at once. The vulnerability that Orrvick recognizes he needs is what makes him a better person in the end.

“There’s things that should be said/But he’s afraid if he speaks he’ll have nothing left” is such a powerful line because we can all relate to not saying what we’re thinking at times, especially in situations where it could cost us everything. We know we need to say something, but we’re afraid of losing something; whether that is our partner, our job, our friends, etc. Orrvick illustrates that feeling perfectly with this line.

I love how well “Amicably” conceptualizes the feeling of being vulnerable. Orrvick does such a great job of describing the pros and cons of feeling and being vulnerable in a relationship with this song. Being in your head isn’t always a bad thing but it can really eat you alive at times and Orrvick recognizes that in an upbeat and catchy way on “Amicably”.

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