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"Amen" - Ha Keem | Review

Listen, every song I review I truly do like, but rarely do I actually add them to my library. “Amen” by Ha Keem is an anomaly…

I immediately added this track to my library after listening to this gem.

This track is so freaking smooth. The vocals are just fantastic. With hip-hop/R&B bass sequences and a slight use of 808 kickers, I don’t even know what genre to categorize the song in…




Conscious Hip-Hop?

I’ll take all of the above.

At 2:10 Ha Keem says; “Girl you got me second guessing. Words are your secret weapon.” I mean the balance of both lines and the rhyme scheme is ridiculously smooth!

This line explains the whole premise of the song. A woman leading a man along, saying sweet nothings, until the point when the guy is fed up and calls it off.

I know I’ve been saying this over and over again but I need to say it one more time…






Well done Ha Keem…

Well done.

Ha Keem is an up and coming Hip-Hop/R&B artist based in the Central Coast. With his music Ha Keem pays homage to old school rap and soul while at the same time blending a modern feel.

I’m stoked to see what Ha Keem has in store for us in 2021.

Written by Quincy W.

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