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Altopalo and Covet Concert Review & Gallery

As I arrived at The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA on Friday, May 12th, I was greeted by a sea of excited fans eagerly lining the streets, buzzing with anticipation. It was remarkable to witness the dedication of the fanbase, considering I had only heard a few songs by each of the three bands performing that night. The doors swung open, and the crowd flooded into the cozy venue, exchanging stories of previous live experiences with strangers and expressing their excitement for what lay ahead.

The moment the curtain lifted, the stage revealed the first opener, altopalo, a four-piece band hailing from the vibrant New York Underground scene. From the instant they struck their first chord, they unleashed an irresistible energy that electrified the crowd. Their opening song, featuring a captivating section where the entire band passionately chanted, "Go fuck yourself," set the tone for their exhilarating set. It was evident that altopalo was genuinely having a blast onstage, and their enthusiasm was infectious, leading to an unforgettable experience for the audience. Blending elements of ambient, indie rock, and R&B, altopalo showcased a captivating and distinctive musical style. Their songs resonated with a sense of intrigue, leaving the crowd immersed in a sonic journey that was both interesting and refreshing. Throughout their set, the band effortlessly commanded the stage, delivering their music with precision and charisma. altopalo's performance as the opening act was truly exceptional, as they fearlessly shared their unique and enjoyable sound with the audience, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening of live music.

As the curtains rose once more, the stage embraced a somber atmosphere, illuminated solely by a solitary light bulb. Scarypoolparty, a captivating solo act, emerged onto the stage armed with nothing but his guitar. His silhouette, shrouded in darkness and backlit, evoked a compelling blend of mystery, drama, and intrigue. It was immediately apparent that Alejandro Aranda, the mastermind behind Scarypoolparty, possessed an exceptional talent as an instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, drawing thunderous cheers from the audience with each heartfelt song. The intimacy of his performance left an indelible mark, creating a memorable experience for everyone in the crowd.

Finally, the moment arrived when Covet, the headlining math rock band, graced the stage. The sheer excitement and palpable energy from the fans were electrifying. The venue was packed to the brim, creating an atmosphere that had everyone sweating. As the lead guitarist, Yvette Young, began playing, it was impossible not to be captivated by her glitzed-out guitars, shimmering under the lights. With remarkable skill, she effortlessly showcased her musical abilities, leaving the entire crowd in awe of her technical prowess. As the set neared its conclusion, Yvette shared a heartfelt sentiment, expressing that when she writes music, it feels like falling in love. The pure passion emanating from her and the entire band was unmistakable, serving as a testament to their unwavering dedication to their craft.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao

IG: @laurelayuyao.jpg

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