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"Alright" - Scotch Mist |Review

“Alright” is the newest single released on July 5th by Scotch Mist. With a similar sound to artists like Tame Impala and VULFPECK, Scotch Mist’s “Alright” will surely get the listener grooving for the whole track.

This psychedelic track consists of a hypnotizing keyboard, silky vocals, a wicked guitar solo, and a groovy bass and drums that are playing “in the pocket”. The little details of vocal harmonies and chime sounding sweeps/risers fill the track with different textures to keep the listener fully interested. After scrolling through Scotch Mist’s Instagram, I was really impressed by how their live performances sounded exactly the same as the studio recordings. All the members of Scotch Mist are extremely talented musicians.

Scotch Mist is an indie psych-rock trio from New York City. They are known for their one of a kind blend of rock, disco, and psychedelic sounds. Consisting of Ed Zighelboim on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Gianluca Girard on bass and production, and Fern Souza on lead guitar, this trio deserves recognition for their musicality. As said by Zighelboim, “It (Alright) does a great job of capturing what each of us brings to the table as individuals.”

Scotch Mist has an exciting and long awaited album to be released on August 1st titled, Cabo Blanco. In the meantime, listen to their other albums titled, Crybaby, Gold & Silver, and Scotch Mist.

Written by, Erika Isaacs

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