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"All The Time" - Joëlle Buyckx | Review

Blending elements of disco, electro-pop, and RnB, Joëlle Buyckx brings us her newest track "All The Time".

This single feels like it could be fresh off of Dua Lipa's "Future Nostalgia". It is that polished and amazing. I am in LOVE. There is something so fun about this slight retro twist on pop. Balancing the groove with incredible and soulful vocals, this track is nothing short of a summer hit. The song feels almost iridescent and floaty - the perfect poolside club vibe.

"All The Time is a musical representation of what goes on in my mind at all times. My hope for this song is to help people tap in their own best self and feeling empowered in being their true self." - Joëlle Buyckx

Get to know Joëlle:

Ciao, my name is Joëlle Buyckx and I’m an Italian - American singer and songwriter.

I was born in Rome, Italy, from a Mexican mother and French father. I’m currently living in Miami and this city has really brough the groove out of me.

Music has always been a part of my life,but in the last few years I’ve realized nothing will make me feel the way music does.

My multifaceted upbringing has given me the ability to keep my mind open to different perspectives and see differences as strengths. My music derives from that. I follow no rules, just what feels and sounds good in its own unique way.

What really matters to me is evoking a mood and making people feel a certain way through my fusion of sounds and visuals.

I hear in colors and see in sounds.

Hope I can make you do the same.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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