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"All The Stars" - A is for Arrows |Review

This is a track for those who had love and lost it. There is hope for love again but there is nothing wrong with holding a special place for love of the past. Those memories and the resilience is powerful as a tool.

"All The Stars" is an anthemic and powerful track which blends dreaming electro pop with the sentiment of a singer-songwriter track. A is for Arrows is an artist to watch out for. They have a cinematic-esc quality to their sound and I see this as an end credit track to the next romantic movie you watch.

Effortlessly emotive and incredibly dynamic, Toronto alt-pop artist A is for Arrows encompasses alluring melodies and evocative songwriting with the release of her highly anticipated debut EP Roses. Produced by Joel Stouffer (bülow, Dragonette, Carys, Ria Mae), Alessia Balasbas' vocals glisten against the raw lyricism of the seven-track confessional of highly personal, vulnerable, and self-evaluating songs with a get-back-up resilience.

On her new track "All The Stars", Alessia notes: "The pre-chorus says “I am only human I’m a natural disaster” and I think the visual really captures that energy. Humans are fragile, and to me it feels like a lot of us are made out of our broken pieces. I think there’s so much strength that comes from the idea of falling apart just to put ourselves back together again. We adapt, we learn. Being human can be so painful, messy and confusing but it can also be powerful, inspiring and beautiful. The butterfly in the video is also significant for me, but I’ll let the viewers come up with their own interpretation of that!"

There’s an unstoppable energy that exudes alt-pop act A is for Arrows. Driven by the radiant vocals of Toronto native Alessia Balasbas, the young artist has made a stunning impression since debuting in the fall of 2019. While noting her earliest influences as Michael Jackson, Sade and Destiny’s Child, the music of A is for Arrows is a unique brand of alternative pop. Fans of No Doubt Charli XCX and the 1975 can all find something to love in A is for Arrow’s striking pop sensibility. The project’s blending of contemporary beats, soft synths and heartfelt lyrics has made A is for Arrows a project to watch in Toronto’s eclectic music scene and on the world stage alike.

With the anticipated release of the debut EP, Roses, a highly personal, vulnerable, and self-evaluating collection of songs with a get-back-up resilience, produced by Joel Stouffer (bülow, Dragonette, Carys, Ria Mae), A is for Arrows has already made an impression with listeners through the evocative and emotional synergy found amongst her music. From the fear and anxiety expressed in “Talking In My Sleep” to the self-confidence of “Go Slow,” the loneliness of “Without You” to the maturity of the project’s debut track “Roses,” A is for Arrows offers a complicated dive into the feelings and turmoil of the coming to age journey.

Less than a year out, A is For Arrows has already gained the attention of industry and tastemakers alike, having earned praises from the likes of SiriusXM, Wonderland Magazine, Popdust, Atwood Magazine, and Buzz Music LA, in addition to being added to a variety of popular playlists such as Spotify’s It’s a Bop, New Music Friday, Fresh Finds: Pop; Apple Music’s New In Pop; and Amazon Music’s Artists to Watch, Fresh Pop and Brand New Music, to name a few. An impressive feat for any new artist, A is for Arrows has already gained national acclaim with Top 40 radio hit “Talking In My Sleep”.

Whether it’s the glisten of Alessia’s infectious voice, or the raw honesty in her songwriting, one thing is certain - there is a rarity about a project such as A is for Arrows.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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