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“All Of It, Again” - Katie Buchanan | Review

We recently covered a track by Katie Buchanan and this is an artist who just keeps the good love songs coming!

“All Of It, Again” is that kind of breakup song for not regretting a single moment with that person. You are willing to go through everything, the good and the bad, because you love and care for them. Again, the vocals and guitar are the perfect blend of singer songwriter and rock influences that just fill you with warmth. Buchanan makes music that makes you feel like you are being serenaded.

Honestly, this is the kind of love I think everyone wants to have. The kind you break your own heart over, that makes you simp or fall a bit more in love everyday. There is a fragility in relationships even when they feel like the whole world revolves around them, the world keeps on spinning without them too. The fact that your time in love might be short and definite in comparison to the rest of the world doesn’t make the love and commitment less real. Some things are always worth reliving and some people make moments special.

When I was talking with Katie about this track she gave me a lot of the little bits of inspiration behind the track and it just melted my heart:

“Our friends always joke that I write break up songs about my wife. My wife and I have that sort of gross fairytale love (ew) where those jokes are never anything but hilarious. and often correct because heartbreak sells, even if it's false right? "all of it, again" is not a break up song. It's a world falling down around you, an apocalyptic, loud love song.

We say to each other: "I just really love you okay, don't make it weird". It's that in a song.

My wife is an author. Sometimes at the dinner table after a bottle (or two) of wine, while we muse over art and writing like good New York liberals, she'll issue a songwriting challenge to me. this time it was "write a song about desperation," Which I, of course, interpreted as "write a song about how desperately you love me!" Ew.

If "West" is the breathless question of "why would i move here for you?" "All of It, Again" is the settled answer. 'oh yea, because I love you."” - Katie Buchanan

Singer/songwriter/producer Katie Buchanan grew up in a big enough suburb of a big enough city in Kansas. No farm, no cows, only the occasional tornado. Born into a long line of musicians, she learned the blues by campfire and wrote her first song on her piano-tuner grandfather’s out of tune piano. Her family tree is full of St. Louis radio stars, southern railroad workers, and 1970s concert addicts. Her Baby’s First Mozart was Led Zeppelin IV.

In 2007, Buchanan moved to New York City to study at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. There, her Americana roots ran head-on into modern production methods. Her first two EPs, 2013’s Another Beat and 2014’s Go, merged home spun samples, anthemic choruses, and quiet reflections.

In 2015, her debut album, GLOW, introduced slow-burner pop textures and synth-based melodies, while keeping a sharp focus on her bluesy guitar work and double take lyrics. Sophomore LP, Who We Are When We’re Standing focused on learning how to stand still while the world falls apart, covering high energy pop and heart-wrenching ballads 2019 and 2020 were spent releasing singles and an EP, The Over Under.

Her new album, Are You Mad Yet?, features blistering guitars, soaring vintage synths, and her childhood drum-set being smashed into oblivion. the songs are loud with feeling, long with meaning, and lean of patience. the loose and full and energetic collection releases spring 2021.

As the sole writer, performer, and producer of her work, Buchanan is a strong new voice in the ongoing call for increased female authorship at all levels of music. In addition to her own releases, she produces albums for other artists, most commonly women, creating spaces for young female artists to learn the language of the studio and to develop the tools needed to navigate the music industry. Her work—both as producer and artist—has garnered millions of plays, rave reviews, and numerous features in TV and film.

Buchanan’s work has won kind words and Dorothy puns from a number of outlets, including The Village Voice, Guitar World, and American Songwriter. In their review of GLOW, No Depression said, “It’s these under the radar artists like Katie Buchanan that renew my belief that in the right hands, rock is not dead so long as it’s presented on a plate of spicy true blues tradition with a little electronica.”

Review by Hannah Schneider

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