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All In - CON THE ARTIST | Review 

CON THE ARTIST is hitting us with his second ever single, ‘All In’. It was inspired by summertime and sounds like the first day of summer with your boo. “It’s about all of the small things a partner can do for you that makes you ‘All In’ in the relationship. It’s the willingness to leave behind the single life and dive headfirst into a relationship you know will be good for you. This song is about the initial first steps of that phase”. 

I really enjoy the production with this song, I feel like I’d listen to it while driving down the freeway with my windows down thinking about a special someone. A short but sweet vibe of the beginning of the relationship - lyrics like “yeah we’re moving fast / told you I’m the last man / pictures on the gram that’s alright with me”. 

CON THE ARTIST, is a multi-talented artist hailing from South Africa, he’s made a name for himself in both the film composition and hip hop production world. 

CON has had success with his original music being placed on Netflix, HBO, MTV, & Apple TV in various shows and feature films. With a string of awards under his belt, and years of experience as a touring musician he’s got a lot more coming for us soon!

Written by Heather Kathryn

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