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"Abstract Girl" - Hu | Review

“Abstract Girl’ is all retro. This track is packed with bursts of electric sounds booming in your ears. The chorus melts into the entirety of the song with an awesome sense of congruity.

As Hu puts it, this song is “a tale of a pair of dying-trying-to-make-its, lost creative jungle. Their unfortunate outcome is ironically juxtaposed with a near-uplifting class of flashy guitars and stabbing synths.”

Did you just read “stabbing synths”?!...

Yes, you did.

This song really brightened my mood on this dreary and rainy Monday morning. When listening to this track all I thought about was bright colors and what the summer has in store for me.

Who knows…

But it’s gonna be a lot better than the weather right now.

The production on “Abstract Girl” seemed perfect, both vocally and instrumentally. I really enjoyed this song. I’m definitely going to have to play this on the beach with my cooler and Tommy Bahama chair.

Hu is originally from Boston spending his childhood in the burbs filled with fall leaves and snow. Now based in the City of Angels, Hu is venturing into his own brand of alt-pop. With hazy vocals that sit on bold synthesizers, Hu is ready to take on the world and grab 2021 by its beautiful musical cahonas.

Written By Quincy Williamson

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