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“A Little Shine” - Jack West | Review

Jack West is kicking off the new year with “A Little Shine” and positivity, all wrapped up in a catchy beat.

The artist starts off with a funky, groovy intro made of synths and driven by drums. His indie-toned vocals are calming alongside his signature country twang. Together, he has created a really unique sound that is pleasing to listen to. Then West hands over the spotlight to the electric guitar, captivating his audience even more. This exemplifies the strong rock influences that his music displays.

His upbeat, catchy chorus incorporates hopeful lyrics, creating a strong, positive, and carefree vibe that reminds me of the beginning of a relationship. This one is definitely a mood-booster. Jack West ends the last third of “A Little Shine” with that radiating electric guitar one more time, a part of the song that I found myself replaying over and over.

Jack West already has some impressive achievements on his record at just 15 years old. In 2017, he performed with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder in Nashville at 12 years old. West has also collaborated with Barret Jones, the Seattle producer behind songs from the Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and more. He lists Nirvana, the Beatles, Neil Young, and Pink Floyd as some of his music inspirations. West’s most popular song is his 2020 single, “The Last Arcade,” standing at over 36,000 streams on Spotify. In 2020, despite the hardships posed by the coronavirus pandemic, Jack West released a total of 4 singles.

Written by Annika Johnson

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