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"A Cross on a Gravel Road" - The Okay Lakes |Review

A Cross on a Gravel Road is the debut single for Chicago-based band The Okay Lakes. This track exemplifies the power of songwriting, and how much it can truly elevate the artistry in a song. In the music industry lately, powerful lyricism is a lost art. However, The Okay Lakes seem to be bringing it back. This is the perfect song to jam out to during late night drives while getting lost in the back roads.

The folk sound of the guitar, and ballad-like piano, mixed with the warm drumming brings this song to the next level. Combining those features of this track with Jordan Keller’s raw vocals that convey such vulnerable emotions leaves you wanting to listen to it a million times over. This song is truly a masterpiece. This almost six-minute single grabs your attention and holds it for the entirety of it. It is the type of song that you get lost in.

Jordan Keller found his love of music and songwriting transformed in college when he found artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Bjork. Soon after college, he moved out to Chicago to pursue music. He found his sound after writing the track A Cross on a Gravel Road, which debuted this fall. The Okay Lakes are definitely a band to keep your eye on.

Review by Alexandra Spencer

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