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"7 In The Morning" - Josh Fudge | Review

Beginning with a lo-fi, surf rock vibe with its simple combination of pure guitar notes, simple drum beats, and soothing synth , “7 In The Morning” quickly establishes itself as a great summer song – even before the vocals kick in. Fudge’s vocals – smooth and steady – seem meant for the instrumentation, which makes the whole song come together beautifully.

I personally know this will be added to lots of my playlists as it works for perfect music for any sort of summer vibe. Because it’s not reaching to be too much, it’s a song with lots of subtle variability in an emotional sense – it could be happy or sorrowful, just depends on how the listener interprets it. The song lyrically is also in a somewhat ambiguous space, with Fudge saying, “It is about a girl who had been in my life for a long time, who I had fallen out with. She began to reach out to me again recently, and would always text me at the most obscure times throughout the day and night. One day, I woke up to a message from her at 7 in the morning telling me that she still loved me, while it was pouring rain outside. I wrote this song on that day, and it is meant to encapsulate the melancholy sensation of flirting with the idea of taking up an old flame.” Whether this song encapsulates a feeling like this or just a mood, I know this song will end up on many listener’s summer playlists.

At only 17 years old, Fudge has a lot of potential as an artist. Based in Oklahoma City, he’s a songwriter, instrumentalist, and just a senior in high school. “7 In The Morning” is his fourth single and will be a part of his upcoming project.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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