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514 Denim - Estella Dawn | Review

Estella Dawn is back with her fifth release this year “514 Denim” an organic dance-pop track curating all the summer vibes.

‘514 Denim’ sets the mood with a stylish progression from acoustic ode to an intoxicating floor filler, all the while maintaining the honesty and emotional depth of Estella’s supporting catalog. The song encapsulates a niche moment of pop culture secured by a producer, artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with an unmatched degree of both power and vulnerability to her sound.

When you first start the track you’re expecting an acoustic moment until the beat kicks in and you’re ready to party and dance. Dawn’s music is always pleasantly surprising and gets added to my summer playlists without second thought.

Lyrics that stick out “text risky but I sent it / just like that we’re splitting the check and you’re eying up the woman / I listen to your daily mix and I try to figure out your headspace”

The electric guitar and beat is so catchy and makes me want to dance around my apartment. I can’t wait for what’s next from Estella Dawn!

Written by Heather Kathryn

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