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“3am” – Majeska | Review

Nights like these are becoming more common. You run upstairs after dinner and close the door to your bedroom. Two sets of headphones lay atop your dresser. You choose the big over-ear ones instead of the earbuds – comfort is key this evening. You hop on the bed, position yourself upside down and look towards the roof. The soft glow of LED strips lights strewn across the ceiling goes in and out of focus. You open Spotify and press play. The song in your head: “3am” by Majeska.

The fourth single from this Nashville-based artist tackles the hypnotic and paralyzing effects that heartbreak can inflict. It’s lyrical themes of fixation are mirrored by sonic elements in the music. Though its electronic feel is unmitigated, hear characteristics reminiscent of Tracy Chapman’s darker folk-pop works delicately wrapped around the melody and most prevalent guitar riff. This is the kind of song you can be alone with to get lost in the words, music, or beat.

Despite the track’s melancholic motif, Majeska sings with a certain confidence – that is to say her voice is strong, both physically and lyrically. The way her voice so seamlessly transitions from heavy to weightless at the onset of the pre-chorus will remind you of Imogen Heap’s unique vocal talent.

Five years ago, Majeska left her hometown in central Michigan to further develop her art in Music City. Since then, artists like Vera Blue, BANKS, and Maggie Rogers have inspired her work. Her music has taken her on tour through parts of the U.S. and Canada, but now it’s time to welcome her into your homes by streaming her new single.

Lose all track of time with “3am.” As it plays, really listen to the words. You can imagine the walls separating from your bedroom and being transported all around town to the places you’ve never been alone. When you finally return home, it’s the middle of the night. Rob Thomas once said, “it’s 3 AM – I must be lonely.” Majeksa’s response illustrates that when your thoughts take the wheel, minutes can turn into hours – dusk can bleed into dawn. The production of this song strongly supports this inspiration in the listener during the bridge. The brief yet powerful two lines where the music and vocals are slightly muffled by a gradually opening filter have a tremendous effect enhanced by your over-ear headphones.

“3am” is bound to invoke an emotional response, be it from reflecting on a familiar feeling or empathy with the narrator. Majeska’s songwriting style has given her listeners the essential ability to share the experience of loneliness together.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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