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“2 Late” - Dance Yourself Clean | Review

Dance Yourself Clean is one of those projects that gets me excited with every single. ‘2 Late’ will chemically change your brain in the same way M83’s “Midnight City” did in 2011.

When this song landed in my inbox I got one line of notes from the band “The best song we've ever made.” I agree wholeheartedly. I have been a fan of Dance Yourself Clean for the last couple years and seeing them develop their sound into fun groovy dance tracks has been nothing short of enjoyable.

This track though takes the cake. Following their reinvention of “Always Forever”, “2 Late” feels like the only logical song to one up it. The bass hits you in your chest, the synthy guitar esc sounds swell and sirens in a way that just takes your breath away.

This is your perfect song for that night drive, your first electric kiss with someone, that crazy view you never thought you would see. This is the song to romanticize your life too.

Dance Yourself Clean started in Seattle (2013) as an indie dance party that grew into the first touring dance party in North America. After moving to Los Angeles to expand the party and create their own record label (Lights & Music Collective) and producing for other artists for years, "DYC" decided to turn their party into a music project. Releasing original music and remixes using the party's moniker "Dance Yourself Clean".

Review by Hannah Schneider

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