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"2" - Bambi L | Review

Are you ready for the upcoming venus retrograde? Bambi I has the soundtrack for the whole thing– her new song “2” chronicles the brutal feelings of a love affair coming to an end in a powerful and devastating expression.

This song is a mosaic of chaotic feelings, much like heartbreak itself. There are hushed moments clashing with blaring catastrophes hitting immediately after, and each time it happens you’re taken by surprise. It’s truly as if you’re sitting blindfolded on a rollercoaster– there’s just no way to tell where it’s going next. What makes this so effective is the fact that there’s no buildup. Most songs with this kind of catharsis build over time, and you can feel what’s coming next to some extent–even if you’re not sure what exactly is coming, you know it’s something. Bambi I knows this about the listener, and challenges that very idea. Instead of building over time, she slams you over the head with sudden sound and feelings. And isn’t that exactly what heartbreak does? There’s no warning, it just happens, and it rips you up inside.

All the while, Bambi I has a distinctive voice to show off. By the end, you are completely entranced by her timbre and range. Unique, beautiful, and strong, this is a voice you haven’t heard yet, but absolutely need to. The emotion she carries is real, and along with the song’s masterful production, she sells you on the vehemence behind it all. This is a song for the broken hearted, but not the weak hearted. If you’re in the mood to be in your feelings tonight, pour yourself a glass of wine to help get through this one. You are going to need it.

Bambi I is a Finnish musician signed to HMC Publishing, and is using her unique songwriting skills to gain an international audience. So far she has found success in countries like Denmark and Germany, and is only just beginning. Her debut album was released in the fall of 2019, and has since released singles as well as written for other artists like Karl Killing and Adriane and Seb Mont.

Written by Jess Ward

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