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"1-800-broke-my-heart" - Courtney Paige Nelson | Review

Courtney Paige Nelson really came out with a breakup anthem for Valentine's day 1-800-broke-my-heart.

Now your numbers out my phone and I'm happy your alone - this hook is next level relatable. I think if there was a post-breakup hotline Courtney would be the one to pick up the phone and sing this. The way this song is written feels like the sister song to Fletcher's 'Better Version'. I think we are entering an era of incredible pop songs that unpack really complex relationships in a way that makes them anthemic and relatable ballads. It is less spiteful and more moving on and up and hope you're better off.

Nelson has this silky smooth quality to her voice that adds to the emotional richness to this pop ballad. The song has a strong drum beat propelling it forward that makes you immediately get into the groove. This song absolutely is a blend of Madilyn Bailey and Tate McRae. I have to applaud Nelson for her wit throughout the song and always extra love for my fellow Bay Area girls.

"After a terrible breakup which resulted in me finding out my ex was cheating on me with his coworker, I got extremely depressed and wrote this song telling my side of the story since I never got a chance to speak my piece. There wasn’t any closure for me so it was priority to write something that would help decompress the giant knot in my chest. I wanted to be as vulnerable as possible when writing this song, so when it’s released I felt like I was relieved instead of feeling like I should’ve been more open. There was a lot of this story that I think many can relate to as a breakup/situationship anthem. I say anthem because I want it to empower people, not make them dwell on negative emotions with whatever they are going through. There’s so many sad songs in the world, and I love me a good sad song. But this time I needed something to yell driving down the freeway with my middle finger in the air”

Courtney Paige Nelson is an American singer and songwriter, hailing from San Francisco, California but currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

She started her path in the spotlight competing on America's Next Top Model Cycle 23 where she placed 4th place. This allowed her to create a platform for her true calling in life; music and songwriting.

With no prior training, Courtney managed to find the artist she is now by navigating through life without a compass and trusting only her intuition to try out music. Writing poetry since she was a kid, she feels music and songwriting was a calling.

Now, a developed artist, she has gained the likes of people such as FLAUNT, Hollywood Life, Line Best Fit, LadyGunn, METAL, Entertainment Weekly, to name a few.

Continuing her music journey, she now writes for Sync, with multiple features and cuts for/alongside other artists. Including a remix of her song Saved Myself by the DJ trio Brohug which charted at #1 in Denmark! Her single ‘Sick For You’ with WolfPlayer and Creek racked up 1,000,000 plays in less then a month of release. Even being featured on a few Brazil radio stations!

Review by Hannah Schneider

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